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Difference between Branded and Generic Drugs


During this pandemic, we have witnessed a devastating loss of lives, livelihood, businesses, and so much more. With this in our sight and the decrease in financial stability, it is getting harder to find ways to survive. But as a retail pharmacy in The Colony, Texas, we put extra care and effort into people needing medical care.

Due to the imposed quarantine, some people have started to adopt the convenience of pharmacy services in Texas. However, people who are budgeting their finances find it difficult to avail of this. That is why knowing the difference between branded and generic drugs is very helpful.

Branded drugs are manufactured by big companies that gain more profit from marketing. They are also approved by the FDA and have applied patents for the drugs.

Meanwhile, generic drugs made with a lesser budget are sold to the market for a low price. They do not have the same color and taste and may lack ingredients compared to the branded drugs. But these pharmaceutical products work the same and effectively.

Knowing this information can help you save on drugs. If you want to learn more about this, you can consult our pharmacists or visit our website.

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