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Measures to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance


Antibiotics may be considered one of the most crucial pharmaceutical discoveries of modern times. Fighting off bacterial infections faster and effectively has been made possible because of these drugs. However, antibiotic resistance is an emerging problem that worries the medical world today. Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria become resistant to the effects of medication. As a reliable provider of pharmacy services in Texas, we try to do our part to combat the problem of antibiotic misuse.

Being a trusted retail pharmacy in The Colony, Texas, we share with you the following preventive and control measures that individuals can do to prevent antibiotic resistance as instructed by the World Health Organization (WHO):

  • Only use antibiotics when prescribed by a certified health professional. Do not self-medicate or buy antibiotics without the proper prescription.
  • Never demand antibiotics if your health worker says you do not need them. Your doctor or pharmacist is in the best place to determine if your medical condition requires antibiotics and/or other pharmaceutical products.
  • Always follow your health worker’s advice when using antibiotics. Take the medication according to the dosage and frequency provided in the prescription. If you do miss a dosage, consult with your prescribing health professional as to the best course of action.
  • Never share or use leftover antibiotics. Properly dispose of your leftover antibiotics so others cannot take or misuse them.

As your go-to low price pharmacy, Health One Pharmacy urges everyone to remember these preventive measures and be responsible in taking their medication, especially antibiotics.

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