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Understanding Medicine Labels Better


While medicine labels may be too technical for us laymen, it also pays to know the basics when it comes to understanding them. However, while our little knowledge will surely be of big help to us, it is important to remember that it is not a substitute for our physicians’ and pharmacists’ professional advice and instructions regarding pharmaceutical products.

As a trusted provider of pharmacy services in Texas, we share with you some basic tips on how to understand and follow medicine labels:

  • The active ingredient and purpose. On the drug label at the back of the medicine bottle, these two can be seen at the topmost part. The active ingredient is the one that treats the symptoms and the purpose shows what type of medication it is. This part also shows how much the dosage of the active ingredient is in each pill. Feel free to ask your pharmacist about these matters when you visit your retail pharmacy in The Colony, Texas.
  • The directions. The drug label also usually contains a part about directions. This shows the recommended frequency and dosage of taking the pill. You can show your prescription to your pharmacist to make sure that the directions in the drug label coincide with those in the prescription.
  • The warnings. If you have other health conditions or medications, it is very important to read the warnings on the drug label. This part shows the possible side effects of the drug and when you should not take it.

Health One Pharmacy employs professional and friendly pharmacists who you can always approach to ask about these matters on your medication’s drug label. They can also assist you to avail save on drugs for your cost-effective medication.

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